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Rahul Gandhi all set to get veto power against Indian government

Rahul Gandhi all set to get veto power against Indian government

Rahul Gandhi is all set to get veto power against Indian government. Using this veto power he will be able to overturn any decision made by Indian government.

Rahul Gandhi all set to get veto power against Indian government

UPA allies such as NCP has welcomed this move of giving veto power to Rahul Gandhi.

Congress strategists have decided to come up with this concept of ‘veto power’ to prevent the Indian government and congress from any embarrassment in future as Rahul Gandhi is likely to keep on working according to his whims and fancies. The recent fiasco, fun and criticism over the U-turn on ordinance to save convicted lawmakers was too much to handle for congress.

In future if Rahul Gandhi does a similar act (which is highly likely) then congress will be able to defend it saying Rahul Gandhi has exercised his veto power after thinking about it. Then it will be accepted as a standard process and Rahul Gandhi speaking against his own party decisions will not be considered a disobedience and no one will be able to make fun of it. This was also help Rahul Gandhi build up his public image.

After the ordinance was called back everyone was seen taking credit for it. There was so much confusion as to who should be given the credit? From Aam Aadmi Party to BJP and from TV news channels to social media enthusiasts, everyone was seen taking credit it. After this veto power comes into effect no one will be able to snatch such credit from Rahul Gandhi.

Congress party which claims that it took back the ordinance on convicted lawmakers because of public opinion against the ordinance and Rahul Gandhi guidance, welcomed the decision and its party spokesperson Manish Tewari said, “This decision will help us gauge the public opinion and depending upon the mood Rahul ji may overturn it anytime. This way we will be able to create a win-win situation like we always do”.

UPA allies such as NCP has welcomed this move of giving veto power to Rahul Gandhi. Though sometime back it has also said it is an ally of congress party in UPA government and not a follower of congress party.

Mulayam Singh Yadav has also welcomed the decision and said, “It is our responsibility to empower the next generation and that is why I have given Uttar Pradesh in the hands of my son Akhilesh so that he get a tastes of power and using it he has achieved so much in just one year. Today UP is back in news for crime and riots. Similarly this veto power given to Rahul Gandhi will be a good tool for him”

Krunanidhi said, “We have to ensure we provide playground to our children to play. I have so many children and have always ensured that keep on enjoying and playing in politics.This veto power will be a nice toy for Rahul Gandhi too. I congratulate both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi”

Congress politician Rajiv Shukla said, “I have always said that we will do whatever Rahul ji will say. Even if he doesn’t have a formal veto power, he can ask us to do whatever he wants us to do and we will obey him. There is no question of succumbing to dynastic pressure. It is our love”.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has hailed the decision and said, “This will prevent communal forces from coming into power”

This concept of veto power will be another breakthrough in the largest democracy of the world just like the formation of National Advisory Council under Sonia Gandhi was. Proxy power is truly a master stroke and an innovation in Indian politics. The coming months in Indian politics are expected to be quite interesting and for sure we will see more Rahul Gandhi creating more excitement.

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